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New 90 minute World Class Instructional DVD Video
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TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body, Mind & Spirit
with USA & WORLD Trampoline Champion Dan Millman
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To equal the caliber of safety oriented, world class trampoline instruction presented in this video, you would need to be fortunate enough to:

1. live near and be able to afford to attend one of only perhaps a handful of the top, world class, elite gymnastic academies in the world.

2. be talented enough to qualify for and be selected to train under their world class head trampoline coach (if they were fortunate enough to have a trampoline coach of that caliber on staff). Elite coaches usually only accept students by invitation and are usually only available to instruct the most talented students. Also you would need to train long enough to qualify for both the beginning and ADVANCED instruction presented on this video.

3. have a world class coach who was also a world class performer and who was willing to take the time and effort to perform and demonstrate to artistic standards every skill that he taught.

4. afford to have a talented professional video crew follow you to your class and tape, and professionally edit it so that you would have a master reference video at home to refer to again and again whenever you might need.

All this would cost you many tens of thousands of dollars at the most absolute minimum. But just by buying this DVD video, you can watch it all and more for only $28.95 plus $5.00 shipping! That is why this expert, trampoline instructional tape encompasses the best value in safety oriented, world class trampoline instruction available anywhere today. If you own or use a trampoline or are involved in activities such as gymnastics, diving or cheerleading, etc. where trampoline training can be helpful, you need this video. Owning a quality trampoline is one of the best investments in HEALTH, FUN and FITNESS that a family can make. But trampolining is not without risk. If you own or use a trampoline, owning this safety oriented, world class trampoline instructional video is the WISEST AND BEST INVESTMENT YOU CAN MAKE.

Now you can bring a USA and WORLD Trampoline Champion and Elite Gymnastics Hall of Fame Champion into your home to show your family correct, SAFETY oriented trampoline technique from beginning through advanced skills & routines!

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