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The home and backyard priced trampoline built to heavy-duty, institutional standards with the exclusive professional coaching and spotting deck built into the frame on all four sides.

SIZES*: Our two most popular sizes are
1. Our Jumbo Olympic Size. This is the same size used in the Olympics and other elite competitions. It is generally considered to be the best performing size and shape available. It is 10 feet by 17 feet over all with a 7 feet by 14 feet bouncing area. It stands 41 inches high.
2. Our Regulation Size. It is 9 feet by 15 feet overall with a 6 feet by 12 feet bouncing area. It also stands 41 inches high.
Our more economical Tramp-O-Fun line is available in the same two sizes.
*Sizes are approximate and may not be accurate to the exact inch.


The Backyard PRO regulation trampoline has the best bounce, the heaviest duty and most durable weather resistant construction, and is designed with more exclusive professional features than any other home priced trampoline. The Backyard Pro defines a new state of the art for backyard home trampolines.

The exclusive, built-in coaching and spotting decks on both the ends and sides of the trampoline facilitate teaching with a hand-held training belt. These decks also allow qualified trampolinists, coaches, and instructors to position themselves on the decks all around the trampoline so as to coach, instruct, spot, guard or observe at bed level from any position along the ends or sides.

WARNING: Trampoline accidents can result in catastrophic injuries such as (but not limited to) death and permanent paralysis--especially during inverted somersaulting type skills. The best practice is to hold the rope with BOTH HANDS. It can be useful to step in off the deck onto the bed with one foot when applying leverage to the performer. Do NOT stand on the frame of a trampoline not equipped with spotting decks. Only qualified persons should attempt to assist or "spot" from the spotting decks either with or without a safety belt. Please consult your Backyard Pro Users Manual or a qualified trampoline instructor for more information.

"For Those Who KNOW, The ONLY Way to Go Is BACKYARD PRO"TM
All Weather, Outdoor Family Sports Training and Recreational TrampolineTM

BACKYARD PRO trampolines are available from our national distributor:

Astraea, Inc.
Trampoline Marketing Division
1901 West Main Street
St. Charles, Illinois, 60174
Phone (630) 377-7267


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