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Progressive Instruction with
USA & WORLD Trampoline Champion
Dan Millman
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How To Rent This Video
Now available at many public libraries and video rental stores worldwide!

If you prefer to rent this video before you buy, please check with your local public or school library or with your local video rental store. If they do not already have this video, please request that they stock it. You could also request that they special order it for you. Many of the better video rental stores and libraries, will special order any title they do not have on request of a regular customer. Video rental stores and libraries can order TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body, Mind & Spirit--Progressive Instruction with WORLD & USA Trampoline Champion Dan Millman from their regular video distributor or directly from:

Astraea, Inc.
1901 W. Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174-1635
(630) 377-7267

Many public libraries and video rental stores throughout the world presently stock this full length, critically acclaimed and safety oriented trampoline instructional video. So your local public library or video rental store may very well already have this video. If they do not have it yet, the best way to encourage local video rental stores and libraries to stock this video is to ASK for this title at your favorite video store or library. Requests from customers to rent this video are the best way to insure that the availability of this video in libraries and video rental stores continues to grow. So please tell all your trampoline owning or using friends to speak directly with their Library Director and REQUEST that their local public library acquire this video.

IMPORTANT: When asking for this video you need to ask the right person. In video stores, it is best to speak with the manager and request that their store stock this video. In libraries, it is best to ask for the library director, or head librarian or head acquisitions librarian or head audio-visual librarian. Just asking a video store clerk or a library desk clerk to stock the video is not always as effective. Speaking directly with the video store manager or library director makes it much more likely that your request is actually heard by those empowered with the authority to act upon it. If you wish, you may print out the Video Information page and/or the Video Reviews page from this web site and give a hard printed copy of these pages to the Video Store Manager or Library Director when you make your request for them to stock this video. This video has been very well reviewed in library publications such as Video Librarian, Library Journal, and other similar magazines. Therefore a few requests from library patrons can often result in this video being available--if it is not available already--at your local public library for FREE viewing so as to expertly serve the safety, informational and instructional needs of all trampoline owners and users in your local community. It never hurts to ask!!

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