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Backyard Pro® parts and accessories will also fit most other rectangular trampolines including the popular Regulation and Goliath competition sizes. Rectangular trampolines have proven to be the best shape for more demanding usage such as serious trampolining, or trampoline sports training to improve performance in related sports such as gymnastics, diving, cheerleading, free style skiing, etc. They are the overwhelming choice of virtually all knowledgeable users. Because of their more heavy duty construction and more controlled and safer bounce Rectangular trampolines are also best for robust family play and healthy exercise for the entire family. Round and other shaped trampolines are best suited for basic play on a budget..

Backyard Pro accessories include high performance outdoor rated woven net beds and pure stainless steel springs.
Backyard Pro also offers the finest trampoline weather cover on the market.

Below are a few of our more popular High Performance Optional Upgrades & Accessories

New Backyard Pro® DeluxeWorld's Finest
Pure Stainless Steel Trampoline Springs!

Backyard Pro trampoline owners now have the additional option of equipping their Backyard Pro trampolines with the new Backyard Pro Deluxe Pure Stainless Steel Springs instead of the already excellent Backyard Pro standard springs. Backyard Pro Deluxe Pure Stainless Steel Springs are the best performing , most rust resistant trampoline springs available any­ where today! Their superior weathering properties insure that they should remain virtually rust fr ee over their life of many years outside on your trampoline. After several years of hard out­ side use, these Backyard Pro Deluxe Pure Stainless Steel Trampoline Springs should have about the same bright appearance as the first day you installed them.

A Pure Stainless Steel Spring Is Much Better Than A Plated Spring!
Please do NOT confuse these Backyard Pro Deluxe Pure Stainless Steel Springs with similar appearing electroplated or galvanized springs. Plated springs do not give as resilient a bounce during their life as do the better performing and more weather resistant Backyard Pro Pure Stainless Steel Springs. Also, plated springs often rust! Their plating wears away in time,and the plated spring then actually tends to rust more severely than the superior, more resistant optional Pure Solid Stainless Steel springs. Backyard Pro Deluxe Pure Solid Stainless Steel Springs are NOT plated in any way! They are made of Pure Solid Stainless Steel throughout. So there is NO plating to wear away! This is why Backyard Pro Deluxe Pure Solid Stainless Steel Springs are much more rust resistant than plated or galvanized springs. Stainless springs also give a better bounce because the plating process can compromise the resiliency of a spring. Stainless Steel Springs Are In Stock For Immediate Delivery!

Backyard Pro Outdoor Rated Woven Net Competition Style Bed

This type of open weave fly-bed bed is best for serious training and for ground level installation
because it allows air to escape through the bed thus providing a quicker and higher rebound
and also eliminating drag and fall-off of performance in a ground level installation where the
air is trapped in the excavation and can only escape upward through the bed on each bounce.
Also the weave of the bed gives the performer a more positive and secure footing because the
weave pattern grips the soles of the performer's gymnastic slipper like a tire tread grips the road.

A close-up photo of the construction detail of our OPTIONAL Backyard Pro High
Performance Outdoor Rated Competition Woven Net Bed is shown in the above photo at
left. This type of open weave bed is best for serious training and for ground level installation

Backyard Pro World's Finest Weather Cover Accessory
Discourage Unauthorized Use of Your Trampoline!
The Backyard Pro SECURITY Weather Cover lets you lock your trampoline whenever YOU want!
Only the unique Backyard Pro Deluxe Security Weather Cover is specifically designed to be secured to your trampoline with optional cable locks if you choose. By simply locking the heavy duty Backyard Pro Security Weather Cover to your trampoline you can discourage unauthorized use of your trampoline! Other low priced trampoline covers made only of light weight, flimsy and porous plastic materials tend to be too insubstantial to present an effective barrier to unauthorized use.

Backyard Pro Optional Enclosure Accessory

An enclosure tends to interfere with serious
training. It also has both pros and cons even from
a basic safety perspective. However we do list
it as an optional accessory for those who want them.

We can and do ship anywhere in the world. The Wisest & Best Investment any trampoline buyer, round or rectangular, can make is to also purchase our ground breaking SAFETY oriented 1-1/2 hour world class trampoline instructional video at the same time they purchase their trampoline or trampoline parts.

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