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Our DVD Video is only available in the NTSC format, but
most recent European DVD players play BOTH PAL & NTSC.
Our NTSC format DVD should play in your European DVD Player
If you have a recent DVD player, you should order our NTSC DVD

Our Video is Now Available on VHS TAPE ONLY in the
PAL video format to play in overseas VCR machines!
If you only have a VHS tape player, this pal format VHS tape will play very well.

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We are pleased to announce that our 1-1/2 hour trampoline instructional video, TRAMPOLINE TRAINING FOR BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT--Progressive Instruction With USA & World Trampoline Champion DAN MILLMAN is now available in the PAL format ON VHS TAPE ONLY only for our overseas customers. Our video is not yet available in the SECAM format. However most foreign VCR machines will play both the PAL and SECAM video formats. So even if your country is on the SECAM video format, check your VCR machine. It probably will play both the PAL and SECAM video formats. This allows you to buy our PAL format tape and play if perfectly on your home VCR machine!

We have spared no expense to ship a quality product overseas. Our PAL master conversion was done by a top Los Angeles, California west coast house using the same expensive state of the art equipment as is presently used by the American Motion Picture Industry. As a result, there is no loss of quality in our PAL format tapes. Even the slow motion and rotational segments look as good on the PAL version as on the original NTSC version.

Although our PAL format tapes are more expensive for us to produce, we are not charging our overseas customers any more for them. The price for either the NTSC or the PAL format is the same. This price is $28.95 US funds. Shipping abroad, however, is understandably more costly. Shipping charge by air to anywhere in the world outside the USA is $5.00 US funds. The total price for the video (including shipping delivered anywhere in the world) is only $33.95 US funds! The purchaser would be responsible for duties (if any) and for clearing the video through their country's customs. However for small transactions such as this, these customs requirements are usually waived in most countries.


Payment must be made in USA currency. This can sometimes cause a little confusion for our valued foreign customers. Here are some ways that foreign customers often send us payment that seem to work well:

1. They use their Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal or Other Major Credit Card. Most credit cards can be used for foreign purchases in foreign currency. Using your credit card minimizes or avoids altogether any conversion charges for paying in USA dollars.

To Order by credit card, simply click below to go to our secure credit card site.
Videos ordered by credit card from this web site
will ship within 24 hours.

2. They buy a draft in US dollars from a bank in their own country and mail it to us.

3. They send payment via Western Union (again in US dollars). This method is very fast. The videos are shipped out the next day when Western Union is used.

Of course there are many other ways to remit payment. Use any method to remit in USA dollars that is best for you. The above examples are offered merely as helpful advice to our valued foreign customers. It is actually very easy to order this video. Sending payment in American currency is not really difficult at all.

We now have a supply of PAL format VHS videos IN STOCK for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.

For MAIL ORDERS, payment in the amount of $33.95 US funds should be sent to:

Astraea Inc.
1901 W. Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174-1635

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