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Front Kaboom
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WARNING: Trampoline mishaps can sometimes result in DEATH or PERMANENT CATASTROPHIC INJURY--especially during somersaulting skills. Do NOT try to teach yourself this skill solely from watching this sample movie clip. Purchase and watch the entire instructional video, follow all included warnings and then seek additional qualified professional trampoline instruction.

IMPORTANT: In order to keep the file size small enough for viewing and downloading on the web, this movie clip is shown at less than one tenth the visual and audio resolution of the actual video. The video actually looks and sounds much better than shown in this sample movie. This sample movie is just intended to give a sample of the contents of this ground breaking trampoline instructional video. From time to time NEW MOVIE CLIPS will be posted. So please visit us again to see a new movie clip.

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Learning the Front Kaboom
From the new 90 minute Trampoline Instructional Video

TRAMPOLINE TRAINING for Body Mind & Spirit

Demonstrated and Narrated by WORLD & USA Trampoline Champion
Dan Millman

How to Order This Video

This Video costs $28.95 Shipping Anywhere in the USA costs $5.00
The total cost of the video including shipping is $33.95
To Order by credit card, simply click below to go to our secure credit card site.

(USA customers need to choose the DVD video.)

To order by mail, please send your check or money order for $33.95 to

Astraea, Inc.
1901 W. Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174-1635

Also now available in the PAL video format for overseas use. Price is $28.95 plus $5.00 shipping anywhere outside the USA for a total of $33.95 in US funds. For more information on ordering our PAL format video for use overseas, click here on MORE DETAILED ORDERING INFORMATION FOR FOREIGN PURCHASERS .

This 1-1/2 hour SAFETY oriented trampoline instructional video is the Wisest & Best Investment any trampoline owner or user can make!

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