This Video is as Indispensable as a Good Set of Safety Pads!

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Safe Trampoline Fun STARTS RIGHT HERE!
KNOWLEDGE Is Your BEST Safety Investment!
you invest hundreds of dollars in a net, pads, or other accessories, BUY this expert video for only $28.95.
Let A World Champion & Master Teacher Help Supervise Your Trampolining.

This video should be as indispensable to all trampoline owners as a good set of safety pads. Most trampoline owners would agree that safety pads around the edge of a trampoline are an absolute necessity and so they are. However a safety pad, and/or a net enclosure, etc are only your SAFETY DEFENSE OF LAST RESORT. They are what you hope will save you when you have errored so badly that you are traveling head first toward the ground. This is NOT a good situation to find yourself or your children in and what you need and want is to also have a FIRST LINE OF SAFETY DEFENSE to save you from ever putting yourself in that position. This video will do that! It will give you the world class knowledge and overview of beginning through advanced skills and safety practices that will very likely PREVENT you from ever having to depend on safety pads or a net to save you. This is why every trampoline owner ABSOLUTELY NEEDS this world class, critically acclaimed video! If you have already spent or are planning to spend several hundred dollars (or more) for a trampoine, then please--for your safetys sake--do not be hesitant to spend a mere $28.95 for this critically acclaimed, world class video that puts a GREAT WORLD TRAMPOLINE CHAMPION in your home to teach and guide you and your family to have the most safe fun possible from your trampoline.

for Body, Mind, & Spirit
Progressive Instruction with
World Trampoline Champion
1-1/2 hours of SAFETY oriented, world class instruction
only $28.95 plus $5.00 shipping
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