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Backyard Pro® Outdoor Sports Training & Recreational TrampolineTM
Introducing The World's Finest Home Fitness and Fun Machine!TM

WORLD & USA Trampoline Champion & Gymnastics Hall of Fame Member Dan Millman performs at left on his Backyard Pro trampoline.

WARNING: Trampoline accidents can sometimes result in catastrophic injuries such as (but not limited to) death and permanent paralysis--especially during inverted somersaulting type skills. Advanced skills such as shown at left obviously should ONLY be attempted by professionally trained experts.

Congratulations on your interest in a good backyard trampoline! It is one of the best investments in HEALTH, FUN, & FITNESS that anyone can make. Trampolining is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise existent. More muscle groups are used more often and in a more balanced, harmonious and more coordinated way in trampolining than in virtually any other form of exercise. Trampolining requires and develops a very high degree of rhythmic muscle group coordination and kinesthetic awareness: this does more to sharpen and improve all-around physical coordination and kinetic space awareness than does any other sport. Trampolining is also a very LOW IMPACT exercise. Gymnastics, dance, jogging, jumping rope, and other aerobic activities are much more beneficial and less punishing on the trampoline because its notable resilience cushions all body impact.

The aerobic and other health benefits of trampolining are unsurpassed. Trampolining is very adaptable and versatile. As does a computer, a good trampoline interacts closely and personally with the user. And as with a computer, one sufficiently knowledgeable can "program" a trampoline workout to accomplish various personal objectives. A premium quality home sports training and outdoor recreational trampoline such as the BACKYARD PRO affords a nearly infinite variety of moves, exercises, routines, and workouts. Through selecting and structuring from this rich and exciting repertoire of exercise possibilities (many of which would be literally impossible to perform on any platform other than a quality trampoline), the perceptive and informed trampoline enthusiast can effectively realize praiseworthy health, fitness and sports training goals or deeply personal aesthetic, expressive, and artistic goals.

Your trampoline workout can be just as intensive or as moderate as you care to make it. And it can be as cautious or as daring as you might wish. But reassuringly, ALL the HEALTH and FITNESS BENEFITS of trampolining can be derived from basic, NON-SOMERSAULTING trampolining. It is NOT necessary to learn advanced trampolining to enjoy virtually the FULL RANGE of tremendous and varied health and fitness benefits that trampolining can confer. Trampolining is one of the very best sports for general fitness and conditioning. And unlike many other fitness and exercise activities, trampolining is FUN!! Trampolining is always play, and never work. One never grows bored or discouraged with it!

As with any active sport, there are some obvious significant risks inherent in trampolining which every participant must assume. These risks can be GREATLY MINIMIZED (though not totally eliminated) by investing in superior trampoline equipment and by following established safety rules and practices. The BACKYARD PRO trampoline is the best designed, best constructed, and best performing backyard trampoline currently available. Its unique state-of-the-art design incorporates many unique safety features not found on other trampolines and features a superior, stable, effortless, safe and forgiving bounce which affords the performer improved control. The BACKYARD PRO home sports training and outdoor recreational trampoline is the preferred choice of World, Olympic, and All-American champions and other knowledgeable trampoline, gymnastic, springboard diving, and free style ski enthusiasts.

It can be very UNWISE to attempt certain sports and activities without the benefits of TOP QUALITY PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. If you want to enjoy the sport of sky diving, it pays to invest in the best parachute because your parachute is the only thing between you and the ground. Similarly, if you want to enjoy the sport and art of trampolining--minimizing its risks while still fully enjoying trampolining's very substantial benefits--it pays to invest in the best backyard trampoline.
For those who KNOW, the ONLY way to go is BACKYARD PRO

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