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Cheerleading moves are fun to practice on your home trampoline. This trampoline instructional video featuring World Trampoline Champion Dan Millman shows you both easy and advanced cheerleading and tumbling skills to practice. This video can help you use your trampoline to greatly improve your cheerleading and tumbling skills. A few of the many skills demonstrated in the video include:

WARNING: We recommend that this video be used as a supplement to professional instruction and not as a substitute for professional instruction. Advanced skills such as somersaults and similar inverted skills should only be practiced under the direct supervision of a qualified and talented teacher.

Only the unique Backyard Pro® trampoline is designed to professionally install either up on legs or flush level with the ground. To learn more about how the unique Backyard Pro trampoline can be used either above ground on legs or flush level with the ground, PLEASE CLICK RIGHT HERE.

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